Weddings And Funerals


Media For Funerals
As a part of the ministry at Trinity Temple, we want to be there for you and your family in times of loss. In preparing for a funeral we ask that the family provide media materials that we are able to utilize for the service. This includes music and also the video slideshow. We do ask that the family creates the slideshow prior to service. This can include having the funeral home do the slide show for you or completing it yourself.

There are free options for putting together a slide show yourself that we can use for the service. the simplist option is already available to windows 10 users. If you go to your search bar in windows 10 and search for "video editor" you will find an easy to use program that you can place pictures and music in that we can play from our computer. For Mac users, iMovie is a free option that apple offers that is an easy to use editor. If you are using iMovie, please be sure to export the video in a pc friendly format.

Additionally, Google offers a free online slideshow program so that you can import your photos into and save it as a powerpoint presentation (.pptx). Click the link to be directed there. Google Slides