Our Church History: "To God Be The Glory: Great Things He Has Done!"

In 1922, A.C. Bates of the Portales area came and held a revival in Artesia in an old blacksmith’s shop located in the 400 block of Main Street. It was a great revival, the lord moved mightily. As a result, several people came together to establish a church. Property was obtained on the corner of Fifth and Texas. A church was built and named the Gospel Tabernacle. The congregation soon outgrew the facilities. Property was purchased on the corner of Fourth and Chisum and a larger church building was built.

A business meeting was held in August, 1925, and the congregation voted to affiliate with the Assemblies of God. The necessary papers were filled out and mailed to the General Council Offices in Springfield, Missouri. On October 4, 1925, the First Assembly of God of Artesia was set in order. The Reverend James Reb was appointed the first pastor. Frances Nelson was appointed Secretary-Treasurer. Brother E.C. Henderson and Brother E.S. Long were appointed as Deacons. There were twelve chartered members of the Church: Edwin Nelson, E.C. Henderson, E.S. Long, Gladys Henderson, Florence Nelson, S.J. Cain, T.E. Fuller, Mrs. E.C. Henderson, Gus Nelson, Mrs. J.F. Crews, Reverend and Mrs. J.M. (Clara) Reb. Reverend J.M. Reb pastored the church from 1925 until 1931.

The church continued to grow until a new, larger facility was required. On January 29, 1957 property was purchased on Fifteenth and Hermosa. The parsonage was completed first, in 1960. Then the church and Sunday school rooms were completed in March, 1962. In 1978 the church decided to build an activities building consisting of kitchen, gymnasium/fellowship hall and several Sunday school rooms.

On January 23, 1983, an all church banquet was held to make plans for the construction of the new sanctuary. Pledges were made by the church members and other people from the community of Artesia to finance the new sanctuary to be situated at Sixteenth and Hermosa. The slogan developed for the sanctuary building program was “With Love and Sacrifice – Together We Build.” Construction began in June 1983. The new sanctuary was completed later that same year.

At the annual business meeting February 15, 1984, the church voted to change the name of the fellowship to Trinity Temple Assembly of God.

The Reverend and Mrs. (Debi) Bobby Argo were selected to serve as our pastors in July, 1988. Debi Argo served our church and the community as a Licensed Christian Pastoral Counselor. In August, 1990, Tom Malone was chosen by the board to serve as children’s pastor. After ministering the love and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ for over 24 years, Tom Malone passed away in November 2014.

The church was formally incorporated in May, 1994. The church continues to grow in ministry. In 2003 plans went underway to build a new building to accommodate our growing youth ministry “Edge Youth Ministries.” The 50x150 foot youth building was completed by the end of the year - 2003. As of January 1st, 2003 our church has been debt free!

This is one of the first pictures of our Trinity Temple Family!